The AK 47 was launched in 1992 by no other than Serious Seeds. A reputable cannabis seed company from Amsterdam. AK 47 is now one of their best-selling varieties. Meanwhile, this species became a true classic, it enjoys great international popularity and has won many awards.

AK 47 feminized seeds feature many advantages. The strain is easy to maintain, produces high quality yields and will reach an average height. Above all, the weed is just delicious.

Curious what else this strain has to offer? Keep on reading or buy your seeds right away!

The AK 47 seeds

AK 47 is a Sativa dominant species that doesn’t need much attention from it’s caregiver. This makes the ak47 seeds suitable for both novice and advanced cannabis lovers who are looking for a high quality weed. During the growth the plant produces large buds with a dense structure, full of THC crystals. It is therefore not without reason that the AK 47 seeds are popular with both commercial and home growers. However, there is a point of attention. The strain can produce a strong smell during the flowering period.

Flowering time

The flowering time of this strain is quite short. Within a flowering cycle of no less than 53 to 63 days the plant is ready for harvesting. Although the plant is mainly suitable for indoor cultivation, outdoor growers can harvest their plant at the end of October.


Yields are pretty good. However, the maximum yield depends on whether the strain is grown indoors or outdoors. Indoors, growers can expect a maximum yield of 350 – 450 grams per m2. Outdoors, the yields are a bit larger with a maximum of 425 – 575 grams per m2.

What is the effect, taste and smell of AK 47 weed

The name AK 47 is perhaps a bit misleading. During the smoking of the weed you immediately experience a relaxed and euphoric feeling. This is also known as the “One Hit Wonder effect” which can best be described as a deep, motivating, hard-hitting high.The weed keeps you spiritually alert and can be used during social and creative activities.

The taste and smell of this weed is quite complex and you will experience tones from the Colombian, Thai, Afghan and Mexican varieties. The fragrance can best be described as earthy and sour while the taste is more floral and spicy.

What awards did the AK 47 win?

There are few strains that have won as many prizes as the AK 47. In total no less than 16 times, including:

  • Second prize for the best Sativa during the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999
  • The 1st prize at High life in Barcelona
  • In 2010 the 1st prize during the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto

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